About Us

The word Rottenrow is believed to be derived from the Gaelic Rathad an Righ, which translates as “Road Of The Kings”.

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The seed of Rottenrow hockey club was planted in 2008 as a small group neared graduation. We imagined how good it would be to have our own club but never guessed things would progress beyond idle speculation.

At the beginning of 2009 we noticed that our original group of ponderers (now graduates) had grown in number. We realised after asking around that we had enough interested parties and excitedly considered the possibility of starting our own club. Slowly Rottenrow Hockey Club started to become a reality.

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We started the 09/10 season in West District Division 4, scoring 130 league goals, winning the league in the process. In the cup we beat a Central Division 2 team and lost on flicks to another in the plate. The 10/11 season was much the same. We won West District Division 3, scored a lot of goals and knocked a Central 2 team out of the Plate. We did get hammered by a Central 1 team that year though, but we’d rather not talk about that.

In our third season we took a leap forward by starting a second team. Both teams did well in the 11/12 season, each winning their respective leagues. As always, a lot of goals were scored. The 1st XI had an excellent cup run beating two top regional league teams before nobly losing to a top Central 1 team in the semi-final of the plate.

Our 4th season, 12/13, saw the 1st XI become Champions of a tough West District Division 1! The 2nd XI rounded off the season by finishing third in West District 3.

The 1st XI will be playing their hockey this season in Central Division 2. Due to a West District League restructure the 2nd XI have been promoted to West District Division 2. We have also taken another huge step forward this season by starting a 3rd XI who will begin their journey in West District Division 3.

It has been a very exciting summer for the club. Firstly we have joined forces with BlueSox Ladies Hockey Club to play under the banner of Rottenrow BlueSox. We now have three men’s teams and one ladies team, with a 2nd ladies team on the horizon.

Secondly, the club is delighted to have found itself a proper home. Next season we will be playing our hockey at the home of Scottish Hockey, the National Hockey Centre at Glasgow Green. We are extremely excited about this opportunity and look forward to living up to the standards this new home deserves.

The club is going from strength to strength. If you’d like to get involved please get in touch via our contact form.